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2011 Publications

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Papers and books that explicitly acknowledge a CZO grant are highlighted in PALE ORANGE.

3 Publications


Interdisciplinary Sciences in a Global Network of Critical Zone Observatories. Lin, H., Hopmans, J. W., Richter, D. deB. (2011): Vadose Zone Journal 10: 781-785 Cross-CZO


An Ecosystem Approach to Dead Plant Carbon over 50 years of Old-Field Forest Development. Mobley, Megan Leigh (2011): PhD Dissertation, Duke University, Durham, North Carolina


Human-soil relations are changing rapidly: Proposals from SSSA's cross-divisional soil change working group. Richter, DD; Bacon, AR; Mobley, LM; Richardson, CJ; Andrews, SS; West, L; Wills, S; Billings, S; Cambardella, CA; Cavallaro, N; DeMeester, JE; Franzluebbers, AJ; Grandy, AS; Grunwald, S; Gruver, J; Hartshorn, AS; Janzen, H; Kramer, MG; Ladha, JK; Lajtha, K; Liles, GC; Markewitz, D; Megonigal, PJ; Mermut, AR; Rasmussen, C; Robinson, DA; Smith, P; Stiles, CA; Tate, RL; Thompson, A; Tugel, AJ; Es, HV; Yaalon, D; Zobeck, TM (2011): Soil Science Society of America Journal 75(6): 2079-2084