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2007 Publications

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Papers and books that explicitly acknowledge a CZO grant are highlighted in PALE ORANGE.

3 Publications


Coupling between biota and earth materials in the critical zone. Amundson, Ronald, Daniel D. Richter, Geoff S. Humphreys, Esteban G. Jobbágy, Jérôme Gaillardet (2007): Elements 3 (5): 327-333


Humanity's transformation of Earth's soil: Pedology's new frontier. Richter, D. deB. (2007): Soil Science 172 (12): 957-967


Long-term soil experiments: Keys to managing Earth's rapidly changing ecosystems. Richter, Daniel deB. Jr., Michael Hofmockel, Mac A. Callaham, David S. Powlson, and Pete Smith (2007): Soil Science Society of America Journal 71 (2): 266-279