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2006 Publications

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3 Publications


Changes in stable isotope signatures of soil nitrogen and carbon during 40 years of forest development. Billings, S. A. and Richter, D. D. (2006): Oecologia 148 (2): 325-333


Long-term land-use effects on soil invertebrate communities in Southern Piedmont soils, USA. Callaham Jr., M.A., D.D. Richter Jr., D.C. Coleman, M. Hofmockel (2006): European Journal of Soil Biology 42 (Supplement 1): S150-S156


Bioavailability of slowly cycling soil phosphorus: major restructuring of soil P fractions over four decades in an aggrading forest. Richter, Daniel D., H. Lee Allen, Jianwei Li, Daniel Markewitz, Jane Raikes (2006): Oecologia 150 (2): 259-271