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Alex Cherkinsky


.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address), 706 542 6111

accelerator mass spectrometry; radiocarbon dating; soil chemistry

Senior Research Scientist, University of Georgia
UGA - University of Georgia
Cherkinsky's UGA page

PhD, Biogeochemistry, Moscow State University, 1986

My research interests include the development of new techniques for AMS sample preparation, measurement and data analysis; the development of the AMS techniques for radiocarbon dating of ultra-small samples; the applications of carbon isotope measurment techniques to soil dynamics and global carbon cycle studies; the application of the radiocarbon method for analysis of biofuels and mixed biobased products; and the dating of tree rings for improvement of the calibration curve for the Southern Hemisphere.


706 542 6111
Center for Applied Isotope Studies University of Georgia Athens, GA 30602

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