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Cullis, 2010


Hydrologic Control of the Nuisance Diatom, Didymosphenia germinata.

Cullis J. (2010)
Colorado Water 2 (3) 4-6  


In recent years, particularly since the 2002 drought, have you noticed your favorite mountain stream in Colorado becoming less pristine? Have you noticed a thick brown algal mat coating the streambed that looks horrible and snags your fly when you are fishing? In some places it is particularly troublesome, with mats 1-2 centimeters thick and long white streamers resembling wet toilet paper. Does it feel gritty like wet cotton wool? Chances are that your stream is another victim to an emerging nuisance algal species called Didymosphenia geminata, otherwise known as “didymo” or “rock snot.”


Cullis J. (2010): Hydrologic Control of the Nuisance Diatom, Didymosphenia germinata . Colorado Water 2 (3) 4-6.

This Paper/Book acknowledges NSF CZO grant support.

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Boulder Creek - Diatoms - Didymosphenia Geminata (2008-2010)
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