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AGU 2015: A Town Hall for the Network of CZOs


AGU 2015: A Town Hall for the Network of Critical Zone Observatories (TH25D)

San Francisco, CA - Moscone Center, Moscone West - 2010

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  • Tim White

    National, Shale Hills, INVESTIGATOR, STAFF

  • Susan Brantley

    National, Eel, Luquillo, Shale Hills, INVESTIGATOR, COLLABORATOR

  • Daniel Richter


  • Lou Derry


Steven Banwart - University of Sheffield

Critical Zone Observatories (CZOs) are natural laboratories for investigating Earth surface processes. CZO research seeks to understand these coupled processes by monitoring streams, climate/weather and groundwater, and sampling and analyzing landforms, bedrock, soils, and ecosystems. Teams of cross-disciplinary scientists at nine sites across the United States work to further CZ science using field and theoretical approaches, education and outreach. The U.S. network now includes a national office and funds to develop international collaborations, and currently is working to develop strong ties with other U.S. entities including the LTER network and CUAHSI.

CZOs have developed internationally through efforts fostered by the European community, the British, Chinese, French, and German governments, and less formally through investigators in Australia. We seek to engage the international community of CZ scientists through: 1) an update of the status of these many international CZOs and the interdisciplinary and collaborative science being addressed at them; and, 2) a discussion of ideas and strategies for more formally developing an international network of CZOs.

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