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Mountain Observatories


Global Fair and Workshop on Mountain Observatories

Reno, Nevada
Observing the Mountain Water Cycle: Session at the Mountain Observatories: A Global Fair and Workshop on Social-Ecological Systems

Submit an abstract for the CZO-hosted session "Observing the Mountain Water Cycle"" Registration for this is now closed.

Visit the Southern Sierra Nevada on a post-Workshop field trip

A 3-day/2-night trip field trip after the Workshop will visit several water and ecosystem monitoring sites across the range. Registration for this is now closed.


Christine Hedge (SSCZO staff, now alumnae) checks on a Judd ultrasonic snow depth sensor at the Providence P301 meadow. 

The Mountain Research Initiative and the DendroLab at the University of Nevada/Reno are hosting a Global Fair and Workshop on Mountain Observatories in Reno. The Workshop will examine how we gather data on mountain social, biological and abiotic systems. It will also be an opportunity to visit state-of-the-art observing sites in the Lake Tahoe region of the Sierra Nevada on the border of California and Nevada!

This global event is a step toward more comprehensive observing systems for the world‘s mountain regions by building up from the grass-roots of existing observing systems.

The Fair will feature:

a) Expositions in which participants explain their observ-ing network or products in a poster session format and
b) Side Meetings for more in-depth discussions.

The Workshop will feature:

a) Sessions where speakers present state-of- the-art thinking regarding mountain observations and
b) Ateliers where participants work together to develop common solutions.

One day will be devoted to field trips to observing sites around the Reno/Tahoe area, with longer field trips available after July 19th to visit sites and facilities in the Sierra Nevada, Great Basin and Cascade ranges.

Expected attendees
  • Researchers and managers involved in existing observing networks focused on mountains or including mountain sites.
  • Climatologists, meteorologists, hydrologists, ecologists, economists, sociologists, political scientists, anthropologists, historians or other researchers who create long-term datasets at specific sites.
  • Managers of field stations and transects that generate long-term data.
  • Program staff of agencies that operate or fund long-term observatories.
  • Managers of long-term observational databases.
  • Sensor, software and display developers.
More information

For ongoing updates, please see the Mountain Observatories Initiative website.

Christine Hedge (SSCZO staff, now alumnae) checks on a Judd ultrasonic snow depth sensor at the Providence P301 meadow. 

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