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CZO Network 2018


CZO Network Attributes Table

CZO Network (2018)
CZO National Office  Cross-CZO National


CZO Network Attributes Table (PDF) 

This table displays CZO site characteristics for 9 active CZO sites and 1 past CZO site. Characteristics have been generalized at each site for the purposes of this table.


CZO site characteristics* included in this table:

  • CZO name
  • Generalized location
  • Latitude and Longitude (decimal degrees)
  • Area covered (km2)
  • Elevation range (m)
  • Mean Annual Precipitation (MAP) (mm/yr)
  • Mean Annual Temperature (MAT) (ºC)
  • Geology
  • Soils
  • Land cover
  • Climate
  • Surface water features
  • Erosion Rate (m/MY)


CZO Network (2018): CZO Network Attributes Table. CZO National Office.

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CZO Attributes Table
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