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Nicholas Taylor


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Geophysics, seismology, hydrology, geomorphology

MS Student, University of Wyoming
University of Wyoming - University of Wyoming
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BS, Geology, University of Georgia

I am a M.S. candidate at the University of Wyoming Department of Geology and Geophysics. I specialize in applying seismic methods to image the subsurface structure. We have optimized a non-invasive seismic technique that utilizes naturally occurring acoustic energy (known as ambient noise) to generate 3-D models of near-surface velocity. Seismic velocity is heavily influenced by fractures and groundwater in bedrock, and therefore serves as a proxy for quantifying weathering in the critical zone. Since water is a limited resource, my intent is to use such models to better constrain hydro-geologic processes, primarily water storage in the regolith of mountain environments. My research is advised by Ken Dueker of the Wyoming Center for Environmental Hydrology and Geophysics (WyCEHG) and in collaboration with Cliff Riebe of the Southern Sierra Critical Zone Observatory.

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