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Henry Lin


.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address), 814-865-6726

IML, Shale Hills
Hydropedology, Pedology, Soil Physics, Hydrology, Geophysics, Critical Zone Science

Professor of Hydropedology and Soil Hydrology
Penn State - The Pennsylvania State University
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PhD, Texas A & M University, 1995

Lin is a member of both the Shale Hills CZO and and IML CZO. He has provided leadership in cross-CZO activities, focused on questions of CZ sustainability in the anthropocene. Hydropedology- Fundamental studies of interactive pedologic and hydrologic processes and their properties in the Earth’s Critical Zone, with a focus on pedosphere as a critical link in the hydrologic cycle and hydrology as a major driving force of soil formation and dynamic functions; Quantification of soil structure and its impacts on preferential flow across spatial and temporal scales; Quantitative soil morphology and classification for hydrologic applications; Mapping, monitoring, and modeling of landscape-soil-hydrology relationships; Enhanced instrumentation and techniques for in situ measurements and mapping of flow and transport pathways and patterns in heterogeneous landscapes; Coupling hydropedological and biogeochemical processes towards integrated studies of the Earth’s Critical Zone.

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