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82nd Annual Field Conference of PA Geologists tour the CZO

Just under 250 geologists from across the state of Pennsylvania spent three days (Oct 5-7) exploring outcrops and research sites in Blair, Centre and Huntingdon counties.  On Thursday, participants chose adventures ranging from observations of ore deposits, to sinkholes and drones, and even kayaking Bald Eagle Creek.  The evening wrapped with a meet-n-greet networking and poster session.  Friday’s flagship excursion introduced the mix of academics and applied scientists to a regional geologic overview, Tussey Mountain Boulder Fields, the Susquehanna Shale Hills CZO, Hootenanny Camp Borrow Pit, Brallier Outcrop at “Dairy Queen” Roadcut, and Charlie Hill Roadcut.  Friday evening included a banquet dinner with a plenary presentation by Dr. Richard Alley, Penn State.  A big Thank You to all who participated, it was a great team effort and excellent opportunity to show the CZO!

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