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Sept 30, 2019 webinar for Critical Zone Research Coordination Network and upcoming conference


24 Sep 2019

Webinar for the NSF RCN “Building capacity to deepen the critical zone: expanding boundaries and exploring gradients through data-model synergy.”

Dear Colleagues,

We would like to advertise our NSF-funded Research Coordination Network “Building capacity to deepen the critical zone: expanding boundaries and exploring gradients through data-model synergy.” Our mission is to enhance the diversity of participants and ideas in the critical zone (CZ) community, integrating scientists with broad interests in biology, hydrology, geology, atmospheric science, and computational sciences with the scientific goal of understanding the structure and evolution of the deep CZ through data-model integration across scales, and an equally important outreach goal of increasing diversity and inclusion in the earth sciences. We will hold a series of small conferences, workshops and webinars, focusing on such themes as the co-evolution of the land surface and the CZ “base”, scaling up local observations to global models, the response of the CZ structure to the Anthropocene, and the emerging tools for measuring such processes, among others.

If you are developing proposals for the upcoming NSF CZ Collaboration Network call for proposals (NSF 19-586), we hope you consider working with us as part of your Broader Impacts should your theme be scientifically relevant to our mission. We will host a webinar through CSDMS on September 30, 2019 at 2PM EST to discuss potential roles our RCN can play in your Broader Impacts activities. You can attend the webinar with this link:

In addition to this webinar, we are looking to introduce new early career researchers (including students!) to critical zone science, so will host a series of online panels through CUAHSI’s Cyberseminars, to begin in February 2020. An announcement for that cyberseminar series schedule is forthcoming.  These will support a workshop at the Colorado School of Mines campus on June 22-25, 2020—so mark your calendars!  And please reach out to us and attend the CSDMS seminar so you can see how we can be of help with upcoming proposals.


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