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Research Database Analyst needed for Reynolds Creek CZO

28 Feb 2014

Full-time research database analyst needed for Reynolds Creek CZO and EPSCoR MILES cooperative agreements. Duration is anticipated to be five years.

Research Database Analyst

The Department of Biological Sciences at Idaho State University seeks a full-time research database analyst for National Science Foundation funded Reynolds Creek Critical Zone Observatory (CZO) and EPSCoR Managing Idaho Landscapes and Ecosystems Services (MILES) cooperative agreements. For the anticipated five-year duration of the programs, the research database analyst will handle all database components of the project, including operations management of the databases including building, maintaining, analyzing, administering, and supporting databases. 

Key Responsibilities:

Developing a relational database system for physical, chemical, and biological science data as part of the Critical Zone Observatory (CZO) and assisting with analyses of relational databases; Assisting with analysis of relational database system for ecological and social science data as part of the EPSCoR MILES; Adding new data and metadata to and maintaining the relational database; Creating and managing a web interface to access database; Communicating the availability of data to the CZO team and to the public including land use managers and partners; Working with internal and external entities to acquire and share data; Reporting on database development, function, and progress in written and oral forms; Contributing to other data and website related projects as needed; Educating the project personnel and students on database use and capabilities; Regular travel and meetings with partner institutions associated with CZO (USDA ARS, BSU) and EPSCoR. 

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