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Postdoctoral position with UK-China CZO programme


20 Jan 2020

Postdoctoral position available with the UK-China MIDST project at the University of Glasgow.

Research Assistant/Associate
University of Glasgow - College of Science and Engineering

Closes: 10th February 2020
Job Ref: 032839

This project builds on a partnership with the Chinese government that involved field research and Knowledge Exchange activities to improve our understanding and management of fragile critical zone ecosystems across China. As the funding for this research has come from the [Newton Fund][1], a key requirement of these projects is to deliver ODA compliant research and exchange this knowledge with science policymakers and practitioners, including farmers, to help ensure that management benefits from new scientific understanding. This post-doctoral position will provide knowledge exchange oversight to the MIDST project ( and has four core aims:

  1. To research current knowledge and use of decision support tools (DSTs) in China to improve the environmental and social sustainability of agricultural practice in China;
  2. To extend the geographic and/or depth of KE survey work of farmers to county leaders carried out in the earlier projects to inform the design of DSTs;
  3. Use this understanding to inform the design of DSTs and the delivery of associated training workshops to be as well-suited for the Chinese context as possible;
  4. Aims 1-3 will help ensure effective translation of research outputs and KE outcomes from the MIDST and earlier NERC-China CZO projects.

The ideal candidate will have training or experience to PhD level in socioeconomics, social science or geographical sciences, particularly in projects related to the management of land resources in Asia.

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