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Joint CIRES-INSTAAR-CZO REU program this summer!


26 Jun 2014
News Source: Cires Education Outreach program

Two environmental research institutes at CU Boulder offer up to six paid summer research opportunities for Colorado Community College students.

These research opportunities offer a unique opportunity to conduct research, both field and lab based, working in a team with scientists, learning basic research, writing and communication skills and presenting your work at a science conference.

Internship organization:

Week 1 (June 9-13): The internship starts out with a week of introductions and field trips. Students learn about the local physical setting of the research sites and conduct fieldwork. Students receive intensive training in research basics, like field notebooking, research design and learn refresh basic Excel and math skills necessary for data analysis.

Week 2-7 (June 16-July 29, 4-day weekend over July 4):

Cohort-Research: All students will spend up to 2 days per week working as a cohort with different researchers conducting field or lab work and being introduced to different ongoing research projects in water-related science.

Individual Research: Each student will be paired for the duration of the summer internship with one research team to work on an individual project about two days per week. Students will be closely mentored by members of the host research group for these individual research projects.

Skills Workshop: One day per week the cohort will spend time together learning various research related skills – communication, science writing, science presentations – as well as career skills like resume writing and interview techniques. They will also have time to read, write, analyze their data and work on their individual projects.

Week 8 (July 30-Aug 5): Preparation for and participation in presentation of results in a poster session and at a small science meeting.

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