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CZ Volume of Advances in Agronomy: Quantifying and Managing Soil Functions in Earth’s Critical Zone

Advances in Agronomy is a first-rate resource describing the latest research in agronomy. This prestigious serial contains major review articles dealing with the current topics of interest to agronomists, crop scientists and soil scientists. As always, the subjects covered are varied and exemplary of the myriad subject matter dealt with by this long-running serial.

Volume 142, Quantifying and Managing Soil Functions in Earth’s Critical Zone: Combining Experimentation and Mathematical Modelling, reports science advances and independent scientific evidence to help address the global soil challenge. The research combines two scientific frameworks: the integrated, mechanistic study of Earth's Critical Zone, the thin surface layer of the planet from “treetop to bedrock” that supplies most life-sustaining resources, and the concept of soil functions as biophysical flows and transformations of mass, energy, and biodiversity to deliver multiple environmental goods and services. The research presented focuses on the mechanistic links between the development of the internal pore structure of soil and the rates of soil processes that define soil functions. 

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  • Chapter One - Soil Functions in Earth's Critical Zone: Key Results and Conclusions
  • Chapter Two - Soil Water Characteristics of European SoilTrEC Critical Zone Observatories
  • Chapter Three - Reduced Subsurface Lateral Flow in Agroforestry System Is Balanced by
  • Chapter Four - Interception of Subsurface Lateral Flow Through Enhanced Vertical
  • Chapter Five - Effects of Dry and Wet Sieving of Soil on Identification and Interpretation of
  • Chapter Six - Soil Mineralogy Changes With Different Agricultural Practices During 8-Year
  • Chapter Seven - Modeling Soil Aggregation at the Early Pedogenesis Stage From the Parent
  • Chapter Eight - Quantifying the Incipient Development of Soil Structure and Functions
  • Chapter Nine - Factors Controlling Soil Structure Dynamics and Carbon Sequestration Across
  • Chapter Ten - Integrated Critical Zone Model (1D-ICZ): A Tool for Dynamic Simulation of
  • Chapter Eleven - Modeling the Impact of Carbon Amendments on Soil Ecosystem Functions
  • Chapter Twelve - Valuation of Soil Ecosystem Services
  • Chapter Thirteen - European Contribution Towards a Global Assessment of Agricultural Soil

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