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Career Opportunity: Project Coordinator at Eel River CZO

UC Berkeley Career Opportunity: Project Coordinator


03 Mar 2014
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RECRUITMENT PERIOD: Open Feb 26, 2014 through Mar 31, 2014.

DESCRIPTION: The Eel River Critical Zone Observatory NSF funded project at the University of California, Berkeley seeks applications for an Academic Coordinator, Step 1, in the area of hydrology, biology, climate science, or similar, at 50% part-time with a tentative start date of April 1, 2014.

The Academic Coordinator will oversee the administrative and research needs of the Eel River Critical Zone Observatory (CZO), including financial operations, grants management, and facilities operations, as well as overall technical management of the research, with the authority to organize, coordinate, and monitor projects to meet milestones and goals. The Academic Coordinator is the hub of communication for the CZO. He/She will monitor progress, resource allocations, staffing levels, budget and milestone performance, and work plans; coordinate work within and among CZO component programs, reporting project status monthly to the CZO Director; work with the Executive Committee to ensure annual plans and progress reports are prepared; and implement communications systems and processes to ensure timely data release and effective interaction among component programs. This person will work closely with a database programmer to design and maintain the CZO website. He/she will work with the Data Manager to handle requests for materials and data, ensuring that research data generated by the CZO is accessible to the scientific community, and will interact with administrators at the other CZO’s to insure coordination in efforts. The Academic Coordinator will work with Research Enterprise Services, a unit of the Office of the Vice Chancellor of Research, and Campus Shared Services, to meet much of the administrative needs of the CZO.

Minimum/Basic qualifications: A Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in an appropriate field (hydrology, biology, climate science or similar) is required at the time of application.

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