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Geological Society of America Connect Online 2020


GSA launches GSA 2020 Connects Online, an online event for networking, scientific discoveries, and community experiences on 26–30 October 2020 that will replace the in-person annual meeting scheduled for Montréal on 25–28 October 2020.

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T225. From Pattern to Process and Back: Data Driven Insights in Critical Zone (CZ) Sciences

The CZ, the zone of life that spans from the top of the tree canopy to the actively cycled groundwater, is studied in highly interdisciplinary and collaborative settings that generate large quantities of data on CZ inputs, composition and exports. Over recent decades, investigations at CZ observatories (CZOs) and long-term-monitoring observatories (LTMOs) have generated increasing variety, volume and velocity of data, facilitated in part by the application of new sensor technologies. These “Big Data” sets on the CZ enable us to identify patterns in CZ dynamics, including coupled and nonlinear hydrologic, geomorphic, and biogeochemical processes, and CZ responses to external forcing, including climate change and anthropogenic stressors. We invite contributions that i) investigate current challenges in environmental and geoscience (e.g. declining water quality, changes to elemental cycling or ecosystem response to disturbances) using a data driven approach, ii) apply novel analysis tools to accommodate data of mixed densities across spatial and temporal scales, and /or iii) combine data driven approaches with process-based, experimental and field observational insights.
Conveners: Hang Wen (The Pennsylvania State University) and Julia Perdrial (University of Vermont)


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