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GSA Northeastern Section Meeting 2018


Burlington, Vermont

  • Julia Perdrial

    Catalina-Jemez, Luquillo, Reynolds, INVESTIGATOR

  • Tim White

    National, Shale Hills, INVESTIGATOR, STAFF

The 2018 GSA Northeastern Section Meeting, "Mountains to Lakes" will be held 18–20 March 2018 in Burlington, Vermont, USA at the Sheraton Hotel and Conference Center. 

Early registration ends: February 13, 2018

CZ-related theme sessions: 

T5. Critical Zone Processes, Function, and Resiliency: Challenges and Opportunities.

Organizer(s): Julia Perdrial, University of Vermont,
                    Tim White, Penn State University,

Format: Oral and Poster.

Description: The Critical Zone (CZ) spans from the top of the vegetative canopy to the actively cycled groundwater and provides life sustaining services. However, the Anthropocene poses challenges to the sustainability of the CZ, and we encourage contributions that investigate the CZ with a focus on CZ functions and/or resilience and stresses related to the Anthropocene.

You can find the full list of themes here

The 2018 GSA Northeastern Section Meeting, "Mountains to Lakes."

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