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6th International Symposium on Soil Organic Matter


6th International Symposium on Soil Organic Matter: Healthy soils for sustainable agriculture: the role of SOM

Rothamsted Research, Harpenden (UK)

6th International Symposium on Soil Organic Matter
3–7 September 2017 • Rothamsted Research • Harpenden (UK)

Rothamsted is the oldest agricultural research station in the world. Therefore, as well as the major themes that apply to all areas of SOM science, the theme of this Symposium particularly focusses on the management of agricultural soils to deliver environmentally and economically sustainable supplies of sufficient, nutritious food for all, in the context of global population increase, climate change and unequal resource distribution.

The theoretical and applied study of SOM has never been more important. In 2016 it became likely that the mean monthly atmospheric CO2 concentration will not return to below 400 ppm for the indefinite future. The recent focus on the role of Soil Health to help bridge the Yield Gap has confirmed the important role of SOM as Natural Capital. Therefore, optimizing SOM management offers the potential to both mitigate greenhouse gas emissions and increase food production and quality.

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