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BIOGEOMON 2017: International Symposium on Ecosystem Behavior

Litomyšl, Czech Republic

9th International Symposium on Ecosystem Behavior BIOGEOMON 2017 will be held August 20-24 at the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site of Litomyšl, Czech Republic.

The symposium will focus on biogeochemistry in an era of global change. Long-term trends in ecosystem functioning and stoichiometry of biogeochemical processes in upland and wetland soils will be emphasized, along with catchment monitoring/modeling, and translocations of nutrients, micronutrients and trace metals in forest ecosystems, grasslands and extreme environments. The meeting usually attracts 300-400 delegates from over 30 countries.

The scientific program of BIOGEOMON 2017 will feature six 35-minute Plenary lectures, four concurrent oral sessions, and daily poster sessions. On Wednesday, August 23, we will leave the conference center and undertake one-day Mid-symposium field trips.

Abstract submission deadline: March 10, 2017.
Early registration deadline: March 31, 2017

See attached flyer or for more information.


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