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Environmental Field Methods Course in Idaho


Environmental Field Methods Course (3 credits) in Idaho-Learn Critical Zone Skills

Idaho State University, Pocatello, Idaho

We target students interested in Critical Zone processes, specifically those doing fieldwork requiring familiarity with water and carbon budgets as well as data/sample acquisition and analysis. Essentially a boot camp for environmental field scientists.

Characteristics: 3 credit course for upper division undergrads and graduate students

Fieldwork in Gibson Jack Creek, located in Pocatello, Idaho

Course is co-taught by ISU faculty:  --Dr. Ben Crosby (geomorphology),  --Dr. Sarah Godsey (hydrology),  --Dr. Kathleen Lohse (soils) and  --Dr. Keith Reinhardt (plant physiological ecology).

 *We focus on the tools necessary to do watershed-scale budgets of water and carbon

--a diverse array of sampling/measurement methodologies in topography, water, gasses and soils.

-data logger/sensor programming and deployment in aquatic, terrestrial and meteorological settings.

-basic tools for QA/QC, time series analysis and spatial statistics. 

-The course will enable students to do baseline monitoring and assessments as a either a research assistant, environmental consultant or employee within a state or federal agency.

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