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Christina Basin Task Force Explores WikiWatershed

08 Mar 2013

Christina Basin Clean Water Partnership Task Force Explores Potential for WikiWatershed to Engage Stakeholders and Public

The Christina Basin Task Force held their quarterly meeting on March 8 at the Stroud Water Research Center in order to highlight growing partnerships with the researchers of the Christina River Basin CZO and with SWRC's WikiWatershed® initiative to develop a cyber-collaboratory for watershed protection, analysis, education and management.

Susan Gill and Anthony Aufdenkampe co-presented WikiWatershed and demostrated the web applications for its three primary components:

  • Model My Watershed™ (NSF DRL #0929763) is an innovative and intuitive web-based hydrologic model that uses real GIS data to show how land use impacts local hydrology.  The Model My Watershed web app is fully functional, try it out>>
  • Monitor My Watershed™ (NSF DRL – in review) will support citizen-science environmental monitoring with in-person workshops and a web application that integrates interactive map-based discovery and visualization of existing data with social networking, data-submission, information sharing and online training materials. A prototype Real-Time Data Portal for the Christina River Basin is currently available, displaying streaming data from government agencies such as NOAA, USGS and research data from scientists working in the watershed.
  • Manage My Watershed™ will be a set of social networking and community organizing tools devoted to watershed protection.

WikiWatershed was very well recieved by the 35-40 resource managers and stakeholders attending the meeting, and many commented on how useful Model My Watershed could be to their present efforts and how useful Monitor My Watershed will be once developed.  Aufdenkampe described how Monitor My Watershed leverages national cyber-infrastructure being developed for the CZOs, and many in attendance agreed to begin discussions to share their datasets with the CZO & WikiWatershed systems.

The remainder of the meeting was devoted to a round of updates describing the multitude of restoration and monitoring efforts underway within the Christina River Basin.

The Christina Basin Clean Water Partnership (CBCWP) has been serving watershed resource restoration efforts since 1993.  Today the CBCWP holds quartley Christina Basin Task Force meetings, organizes an annual bus tour of restoration accomplishments and actively exchanges information through the Christina-basin email list serv.

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