ARCHIVED CONTENT: In December 2020, the CZO program was succeeded by the Critical Zone Collaborative Network (CZ Net) ×
Christina CZO was active 2009-2013 ×

White Clay Wild&Scenic

White Clay Wild and Scenic Management Committee

CZO Partner Organization

The National Wild and Scenic River System, administered by several federal agencies including the National Park Service, was created by an act of Congress in 1968. The Wild and Scenic Rivers Act calls on the nation to select rivers with outstanding scenic, recreational, natural, historic, cultural, or similar values and preserve then in a free flowing condition.

Recognizing the need to protect rivers beyond federally owned lands, the Partnership Wild and Scenic River Program was initiated within the National Wild and Scenic Rivers System. In October 2000, Congress designated White Clay Creek as a Partnership Wild and Scenic River.

The White Clay Creek Watershed Management Committee is made up of local citizens, representatives of conservation organizations and other interested parties, and delegates from state and local governments, including all 13 watershed municipalities.