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Megan L. Mobley


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Ecosystems Ecology, Ecosystem Services, Grassland Ecology, Soil carbon sequestration, Forest Carbon

Instructor, Oregon State University

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PhD, Ecology, Duke University, 2011

My dissertation investigated the dynamics of dead plant carbon over fifty years of old-field forest development at the Calhoun Long Term Soil-Ecosystem Experiment (LTSE) in South Carolina. Earth’s ecosystems provide many services to mitigate the effects of global change, such as taking up half of human CO2 emissions and limiting the climate warming caused by this added CO2. Yet ecosystems do not have infinite capacity to provide these services. My research focuses changes in ecosystem services that result from human disturbances I ask questions like: How long can an ecosystem take up additional CO2 from the atmosphere, or additional anthropogenic nutrients from the soil? How much of these added nutrients will they take up before they saturate and/or become limited by another nutrient or environmental factor? How do other human disturbances, such as land use change or energy development, affect these capacities?

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