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Julia N . Perdrial


Active + Alumnus


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Catalina-Jemez, Luquillo, Reynolds
biogeochemistry, Geochemistry/Mineralogy, hydrology

Assistant Professor
UVM - University of Vermont
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PhD, University of Strasbourg, France, 2008

My research focusses on geosphere, biosphere and hydrosphere interactions by coupling experimental and field approaches across disciplines (including bio-geochemistry, mineralogy, hydrology). Linking the sub surface biogeochemistry and surface water dynamic themes, I'm particularly interested in carbon cycling in the critical zone by looking at dissolved organic and inorganic carbon in soils and streams with a combination of analytical tools (including DOC, DIC, C isotopes, UVvis-, fluorescence- and FTIR-spectroscopy) and computational quantification (PARAFAC analysis of fluorescence data). Additionally I study weathering fluxes from CZO catchments by characterizing both potential solute sources and stream water solute fluxes.

CZO Publications