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James Bishop


ocean carbon cycle dynamics; biogeochemical cycles; ocean instrumentation

Professor of Earth and Planetary Sciences, University of California Berkeley

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Our research investigates the mechanics of biogeochemical processes of aquatic and marine systems. At sea, we explore new ways to follow the very fast --- but largely unobserved --- biological carbon cycle: photosynthesis, grazing, sedimentation, and respiration. These processes, collectively known as the "ocean biological carbon pump" transform CO2 into organic matter and sequester it in the deep sea, impacting levels of CO2 in the atmosphere. The biotic carbon flows in the ocean are substantial and there are open questions regarding the stability of these flows in the face of human induced warming and acidification of the ocean. Is the ocean biological carbon pump strengthening (good) or weakening (bad)? Every time we go to sea on ships we get surprises. We need to find out how this system works so it can be predicted.

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