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Christina CZO was active 2009-2013 ×

Olesya Lazareva

Active + Alumnus


, 302.831.0608

Environmental & aqueous geochemistry, hydrogeology, sustainability and water resources.

Researcher, University of Delaware
DENIN - Delaware Environmental Institute

CRB-CZO Alum: Post Doctoral Researcher; University of Delaware
DENIN - Delaware Environmental Institute
Lazareva's DENIN page

Ph.D., Geology, University of South Florida, 2010

CRB-CZO Alum: Former Post Doctoral Researcher As part of the Christina River Basin Critical Zone Observatory (CRB-CZO), my study will be focused on understanding the organic carbon – mineral complexation mechanisms. Specifically, the major objective of my investigation is to evaluate in-situ the sensitivity and variability of the mineral surface area in soils with respect to a change of redox conditions (reducing versus oxidizing) across a wide range of landscape positions and uses, such as floodplain forest, upland forest, agriculture and construction areas. The research will a combination of the extensive field and laboratory analyses/experiments coupled with the geochemical reactive transport modeling.

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