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Critical research: Understanding complex interactions within Earth’s critical zone

Critical zone illustration, courtesy International Innovation,

15 Dec 2011
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Donald Sparks, Anthony Aufdenkampe, and Lou Kaplan reveal their progress in understanding the complex interactions within the Earth's critical zone

Image: Critical zone illustration, courtesy International Innovation, [Click image to enlarge]

The Christina River Basin – Critical Zone Observatory (CRB-CZO) is one of six environmental observatories supported by the U.S. National Science Foundation focusing on how water, atmosphere, ecosystems and soils interact and shape the Earth’s surface. The critical zone is the Earth’s porous near-surface layer, and incorporates everything from the tops of the trees to the deepest groundwater. The CRB-CZO has the overarching goal of ‘integrating the feedbacks between the water cycle, the mineral cycle and the carbon cycle as materials are transported across geophysical boundaries from soils to sea’. 

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