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Jemez Unburned Site

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Jemez River Basin Unburned Site is located on the south slopes of the San Antonio Mountain close to the Sulfur Spring.

0.01 km2   Area

2751 - 2753 m   Elev

Parent Field Area:
Jemez River Basin ▲


coniferous forest

Land Use

forest land

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  • Setting & Research

    Unburned site is the newest addition and was established in the fall 2015. The site has instrumented flux tower and three pedons located 20 m from the tower.  It is located on the south slopes of the San Antonio Mountain close to the Sulfur Spring. More than 80% of the slope around the flux tower is less than 8 % and slightly increase in elevation at the north most end. Vegetation is mostly mixed conifer forest with the small grass areas around the tower. Canopy heights range from 10-31 m around the tower footprint.

  • Overview Maps

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    • Unburned Site Satellite Map

    • Unburned Site Elevation Map

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    • Unburned Site Geology Map

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    • Unburned Site EEMT Map

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  • Data

    Jemez Unburned Site - Soil Gas - CO2 and O2 (2015-2019)
    16 components    Jemez Unburned Site    Soil Science / Pedology, Biogeochemistry, Climatology / Meteorology    Jon Chorover; Greg Barron-Gafford; Mark Losleben

    Jemez Unburned Site - Soil Moisture, Soil Temperature, Electrical Conductivity, Water Potential (2015-2019)
    16 components    Jemez Unburned Site    Hydrology, Soil Science / Pedology    Jon Chorover; Mark Losleben

    National - Soil Gas - CO2 and O2 (2014-2017)
    2 components    Bigelow Site (High-Elevation), Jemez 2013 Burned ZOB, Jemez Unburned Site, Calhoun CZO Research Area 1, Garner Run - Sandstone Forested, Northeastern Puerto Rico and the Luquillo Mountains    Biogeochemistry, Climatology / Meteorology, Soil Science / Pedology, Biology / Ecology    Brecheisen, Zachary; Chorover, Jon; Kaye, Jason; Silver, Whendee; Abramson, Nate; Barron-Gafford, Greg; Condon, Katherine E.; Cook, Charles W.; Hill, Lillian; Losleben, Mark; Minor, Rebecca; O'Connell, Christine; Richter, Daniel deB.; Durcik, Matej

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