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B2 Desert Site (Low-Elevation)

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The Biosphere 2 desert field site is a low-elevation site located in the Sonoran Desert on the west-side foothill of the Catalina Mountains.

1022 - 1161 m   Elev

18.2 °C   Temp

420 mm   Precip

Parent Field Area:
Santa Catalina Mountains ▲

Sonoran Desert near Biosphere 2 (noth of Tucson, AZ).

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Setting & Research
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  • Setting & Research

    The Biosphere 2 desert field site is a low-elevation site with average elevation of 1100 m, and located at the north-west side of the Catalina Mountains. The site consists of two well established hillslope transects on different (granitic vs. metamorphic) parent materials. Hillslopes are oriented north, northwest, south and southwest with slopes between 9 and 31 degrees. The vegetation is Sonoran desert shrubs and desert grassland.

  • Overview Maps

    Map Overlays
    • B2 Desert Site satellite view.

    • B2 Desert Site elevation map.

    • B2 Desert Site aspect map.

    • B2 Desert Site slope map.

    • B2 Desert Site geology map.

    • B2 Desert Site vegetation map.

    • B2 Desert Site EEMT map.

    • B2 Desert Site instrumentation map.

  • Dynamic Map

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  • Data

    B2 Desert Site - Meteorology (2009-2019)
    13 components    B2 Desert Site (Low-Elevation)    Climatology / Meteorology    Troch, Peter; Abramson, Nate; Durcik, Matej; Jardine, Angie

    B2 Desert Site - Precipitation (2009-2019)
    12 components    B2 Desert Site (Low-Elevation)    Climatology / Meteorology    Peter Troch; Nate Abramson; Angie Jardine

    B2 Desert Site - Soil Moisture, Soil Temperature (2010-2018)
    37 components    B2 Desert Site (Low-Elevation)    Soil Science / Pedology    Peter Troch; Nate Abramson