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Eel River CZO PI Meeting

Eel River CZO PI Meeting

UC Berkeley, California

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The Eel River CZO is hosting the annual CZO PI meeting September 8-11, 2017. 

The meeting will include a field tour of Eel River CZO research sites in the Angelo Coast Range Reserve.

Meeting recap from the CZO Fall 2017 Newsletter:

The Eel River CZO (ERCZO) hosted a site visit on September 9-11 in Fort Bragg, CA. One PI and another investigator from each CZO attended along with members of the CZO National Office and Steering Committee, and NSF Program Officers. Attendees traveled to the Angelo Coast Range Reserve on Day 1 to visit instrumented and other field sites within the ERCZO. CZO team members presented and lead discussions on topics including watershed dynamics, tectonic activity, fish surveys and hydrodynamic modeling. Day 2 included a field tour of the Sagehorn-Russell Ranch, a privately owned working cattle ranch in Mendocino, CA. Research topics at the ranch included the relationship between rock moisture and vegetation, an intensive field investigation of Mediterranean oak ecophysiology, and drainage of the CZ. On the final day, participants met at UC Berkeley for updates on cross-CZO modeling collaborations (Praveen Kumar - IML) and the CZO Data Manager’s Working Group efforts and recent workshop (Colin Bode - ERCZO). Thank you to all who planned, presented and participated in a productive and informative site visit!



2017 CZO PI Meeting at Eel River CZO

Photos from the 2017 CZO PI Meeting hosted by the Eel River CZO on September 9-11, 2017.  

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