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Sarah Kupferberg


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Stream ecology

Dr. Sarah Kupferberg’s research is focused on stream food webs, amphibian population biology and disease ecology, and conservation of aquatic ecosystems in California, and she is particularly interested in the effects of dams and diversions on physical and biotic conditions for wildlife. Dr. Kupferberg has been conducting long-term monitoring of stream breeding amphibians in the Eel River (Rana boylii) and Alameda Creek (R. boylii, R. draytonii, Anaxyrus boreas, Taricha torosa) for over 20 years. She is currently working with Prof. Mary Power at the Angelo Reserve to monitor, assess, and manage non-native species impacts in newly acquired Reserve land. This project is being funded by Prop 68 Habitat Improvement Grant from the California Dept. of Fish and Wildlife, “Acquisition and Monitoring Program for Critical Fish and Wildlife Habitat in and Around the Angelo Coast Range Reserve, Upper South Fork Eel River”.

CZO Publications
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    High Time for Conservation: Adding the Environment to the Debate on Marijuana Liberalization. Carah, J., Howard, J., Thompson, S.E., Short Gianotti, A.G., Bauer, S., Carlson, S.M., Dralle, D.N., Gabriel, M.W., Hulette, L., Johnson, B., Knight, C., Kupferberg, S., Martin, S., Naylor, R., Power, M.E. (2015): BioScience (Advance Access)

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