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Jill Banfield


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soil microbial ecology; carbon dynamics; mineral formation; bioremediation of metal contamination

Professor of Environmental Science Policy and Management, University of California Berkeley

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Professor of Earth and Planetary Science, University of California Berkeley

How are inorganic and biological processes interconnected? Inorganic and biologically-mediated processes shape the geochemistry and mineralogy of the Earth's surface. We study how microorganisms impact the form and distribution of minerals in the environment and the biogeochemical cycling of Fe, As, U, Zn, S, and P. Topics: 1) sulfide mineral dissolution and formation of acid mine drainage (microbial bioleaching); 2) soil formation; 3) bioremediation of metal contamination; 4) astrobiology and extremophiles: acidic and hypersaline environments Because microbial activity often results in the formation of minerals with sizes in the few nanometer diameter range, a significant research focus in our group involves study of the nanoparticles.

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