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Sagehorn-Russell Ranch

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Sagehorn-Russell Ranch is a privately owned working cattle ranch in Mendocino, California. The owner has granted the Eel River Critical Zone Observatory permission to establish a weather station, several monitored wells, and to perform research on her property.

21 km2   Area

460 - 980 m   Elev

Parent Field Area:
Angelo Coast Range Reserve ▲


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Setting & Research
  • Setting & Research

    Sagehorn Ranch  is 16 km due south of Angelo Reserve.   It was picked because it is located in a very different rock type than the Angelo Reserve.   Sagehorn is on Central Belt melange, while Angelo is on Coast Belt argillite and greywacke.   It encompasses two watersheds, those of Dry Creek and Hank Creek.  Both drain into Dutch Henry Creek, which is off-property.   Both become intermittent during the dry season and are extremely flashy during winter.

  • Data

    Rivendell - Tree Growth & Physiology - Tree growth measurements using piston dendrometers (2015-2016)
    1 components    Rivendell, Sagehorn-Russell Ranch    Biology / Ecology    Hahm, Jesse

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  • Geology

    • other sedimentary

    California Coastal Belt Melange

  • Topography

    460 - 980 m elevation (700 m mean)

    Ridge valley topography