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Christina CZO was active 2009-2013 ×

2009 Publications

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Papers and books that explicitly acknowledge a CZO grant are highlighted in PALE ORANGE.

3 Publications


The boundless carbon cycle. Battin, T. J., S. Luyssaert, L. A. Kaplan, A. K. Aufdenkampe, A. Richter, and L. J. Tranvik (2009): Nature Geoscience 2:598-600


Mitigation of agricultural nonpoint pollution by a reforested riparian buffer in the Mid-Atlantic Piedmont. Newbold, J. D., S. Herbert, and B. W. Sweeney (2009): Stroud Preserve Watersheds National Monitoring Project. Final report. Stroud Water Research Center, Avondale, PA, USA, 53 pp.


Temporal dynamics of seston: A recurring nighttime peak and seasonal shifts in composition in a stream ecosystem. Richardson, D. C., L. A. Kaplan, J. D. Newbold, and A. K. Aufdenkampe (2009): Limnology and Oceanography 54:344-354