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Kyungjin Min


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climate change, biogeochemistry, soil organic matter

PhD candidate, University of Kansas
KU - University of Kansas, Dept. of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
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M.C.P., Environmental Studies, Seoul National University, 2010
B.S., Life Science, Pohang University of Science and Technology, 2007

Dissertation topic: Microbial responses to temperature as a driver of changing soil organic matter decomposition. Although microorganisms cannot be seen with the naked eye, they play an important role in mediating the cycling of key nutrients, such as carbon and nitrogen. Microbial CO2 respiration represents up to 60 percent of soil respiration on the planet—significantly contributing to anthropogenic CO2 emission and climate change. Yet, we still do not know how changing environments will influence microbially-mediated nutrient cycling. KJ Min’s work in the Calhoun CZO investigates the effects of environmental changes on microbial activities in soils, in order to better predict future microbial activities in a changing climate.

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