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W. Steven Holbrook


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Boulder, Calhoun, Eel, Reynolds, Sierra
Near-surface geophysics

Professor of geophysics and head of the Department of Geosciences at Virginia Tech.

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PhD, Geophysics, Stanford University, 1989

My work uses geophysical techniques (primarily, but not exclusively, seismology) to examine Earth processes. Over the past few years I’ve been focusing on critical zone geophysics. My group is addressing fundamental questions in critical zone science, including: What is the structure of Earth’s regolith at landscape scales, and what controls that structure?, and How does regolith structure impact the storage and movement of water in terrestrial environments? Over the course of my career I’ve made contributions to the understanding of continental margins, volcanic arcs, and methane hydrate systems, and I was the main driver behind the use of reflection seismology to image thermohaline fine-structure within the oceans. My professional career has included stints at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and and the University of Wyoming, and I’m happy to have joined the excellent Department of Geosciences at VT.

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