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Calhoun Geophysics Week with Wyoming Center for Environmental Hydrology and Geophysics

Dr. Steve Holbrook and a world-class team of geophysics experts from Wyoming's NSF Center for Hydrology and Geophysics (WyCEHG) will work at the Calhoun CZO for four days in early April.  Wednesday thru Saturday, 4/9-4/12, they will begin a collaboration with Calhoun CZO investigators that will span several years.  Belowground geophysical properties will be observed across the landscape and down the CZO's new 70-meter deep groundwater well.  Wednesday they are planning to lower a number of instruments down the well.  Thursday to Saturday, they will work at the landscape scale, on watersheds and long-term forest soil plots that make up the Calhoun CZO research areas.

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