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Carl Rosier

Active + Alumnus


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Soil microbiology

Post Doctoral Researcher; Dept. Earth & Envr. Sciences
Rutgers NCAS - Rutgers University, Newark Colleges of Arts and Sciences
Rosier's Rutgers NCAS page

CRB-CZO Alum: Former Post Doctoral Researcher; Delaware Environmental Institute
DENIN - Delaware Environmental Institute

Ph.D., University of Montana, 2009

CRB-CZO Alum: Former Post Doctoral Researcher. Ecosystem sustainability and the needs of humankind are supported by soil productivity. Understanding soil ecosystem processes is paramount in order to avoid soil collapse events (i.e. Dust Bowl). My research in the field of molecular microbial ecology seeks to understand microbial influences on: (i) soil-C storage (ii) nutrient/contaminant cycling (iii) soil structure dynamics. Understanding soil microbial ecology is critical if we are to comprehend basic concepts regarding soil ecosystem function. Furthermore, this area of research demands refinement of methodologies, development of new testing strategies, and requires integration of field and lab techniques as soil ecosystem/microbial interactions occur across boundaries of scale and discipline. My research is an endeavor to provide greater understanding of the soil ecosystem with an end goal of developing better management practices.

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