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Jordan, 2020


Geology of the Calhoun Critical Zone Observatory

Jordan, Barrett (2020)
Master's Thesis, University of Georgia  


The Calhoun Critical Zone Observatory (CCZO) is an interdisciplinary field site, located in Union, South Carolina that examines Critical Zone response to human interaction and the role the underlying bedrock has on Critical Zone structure. Currently, no detailed work has been done to map the bedrock or structural geology in the area. In order to advance this understanding, the present study used geologic mapping, petrography, X-ray Diffraction, and geochemical analysis to characterize the lithologies present at the CCZO. The field site was interpreted to contain a portion of the Central Piedmont Suture which bounds the Cat Square and Charlotte terranes present at the field site. The new interpretation of the Central Piedmont Suture lies farther west than previously described and provides new territory to investigate the history of the Appalachian orogeny.


Jordan, Barrett (2020): Geology of the Calhoun Critical Zone Observatory. Master's Thesis, University of Georgia.

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