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Mukesh Kumar


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Watershed Hydrology; Surface water-Groundwater Interactions; Numerical Modeling; GIS-Model Coupling.

Associate Professor, Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering, University of Alabama

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PhD, Civil Engineering, Pennsylvania State University, 2009

My research is geared towards understanding and prediction of hydrologic processes at multiple scales. Primarily, I seek to understand the impacts of heterogenity (of landcover and hydrogeology), seasonality (of vegetation and meteorologic forcings) and changes (in landuse/landcover and climate) on spatial and temporal distribution of water quantity and quality. I am also interested in understanding the feedbacks between different parts of hydrologic continua and the physical environment. To achieve these goals, I work on hypothesis testing through data analysis, and design, verification and application of numerical models. To facilitate the use of models over a range of scales and settings, I also work on design of model interfaces and algorithms that can take advantage of high performance computing infrastructure.

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