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Xiaoli Dong


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Ecosystem spatial heterogeneity

Postdoctoral Research Associate
DU Nicholas School - Duke University Nicholas School of the Environment
Dong's DU Nicholas School page

PhD, Ecosystem spatial heterogeneity, Arizona State University, 2015
BS, Biological Sciences, Zhejiang University, China, 2009

I am interested in ecosystem spatial heterogeneity, and its functional consequences. My post-doc research in the Heffernan Lab at Duke University is to understand the biogeomorphic mechanisms for the formation of the ordered patterns of wetlands in Big Cypress National Preserve (S. Florida). Before I came to Duke, I did my PhD research on the relative importance of self-organization, physical template, and stochasticity on spatial distribution of various ecological components (aquatic invertebrates, nutrients, and wetland patches). At the Calhoun CZO I am investigating spatial patterns of soil redoximorphic features in Ultisols.