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Mark S. Bartlett

Active + Alumnus


currently postdoc at Princeton, former grad student at Duke

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Watershed modeling

Postdoc, Princeton University

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PhD, Civil & Environmental Engineering, Duke University, 2016
M.S., Civil & Environmental Engineering, University of Southern Cailfornia, 2009
B.S., Civil Engineering, Brown University, 2005

My research investigates the interconnections between rainfall-runoff processes and ecosystem productivity. For rainfall-runoff processes, my research studies how ecohydrological controls, soil moisture dynamics, and stochastic rainfall influence the rainfall-runoff response both in space and time. I'm interested in using the rainfall-runoff response to further the study of the productivity of ecosystems as determined by the response of the soil-plant-atmosphere-continuum to various environmental factors such as nutrient availability, climate change (e.g., temperature, precipitation), and water scarcity. Of particular interest is the optimal leveraging of cultivations with different photosynthetic systems (C3, C4, and CAM) so as to maximize productivity while reducing costs related to land degradation, water consumption, and fertilizer application. An improved theoretical understanding of the plant system and the rainfall-runoff process could lead to more informed planning decisions.

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