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Calhoun CZO Research Area 6

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Research Area 6 is centered on the historic Rose Hill Plantation, home of South Carolina's secessionist governor William Henry Gist (1807-1874).

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The home of William Henry Gist (1807-1874), the 68th governor of South Carolina, built circa 1840.

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  • Setting & Research

    Infrastructure in R6 so far includes two 15-m diameter vegetation plots, one in a hickory grove that was likely planted in the mid-1800s, one in a 70+ year old pine forest that covers a former cotton field. We plan to core all the trees in these plots to determine stand age. The research area includes all of Rose Hill Plantation State Historic Site (17.8 ha), part of the South Carolina State Parks system, as well as surrounding areas of the Sumter National Forest (12.1 ha).

  • Overview Maps

    CCZO R6

    The blue polygon indicates areas of R6 in the Sumter National Forest. R6 also includes all of the Rose Hill Plantation State Historic Site (yellow crosshatch), which is centered on the plantation house atop the hill to the southwest of this polygon.

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  • Dynamic Map

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  • Data

    Calhoun CZO - Soil Geochemistry (2016)
    1 components    Calhoun CZO Research Area 1, Calhoun CZO Research Area 2, Calhoun CZO Research Area 6, Calhoun CZO Research Area 7, Calhoun CZO Research Area 8    Geochemistry / Mineralogy    Austin, Jason C.; Schroeder, Paul A.

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