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Calhoun CZO Research Area 5

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Calhoun Research Area 5, located at the corner of Old Buncombe and Sardis Roads, includes adjacent pine and hardwood stands.

Research Area 5

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  • Setting & Research

    Research area 5 includes 6 15-m diameter vegetation plots, where all the trees have been identified and measured (diameter at breast height, height) and also cored in order to determine stand age. Three of the plots are in the pine stand, three in the hardwood stand. Two pine and two hardwood plots have litter baskets with monthly collection.

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    Research Area 5
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  • Data

    Calhoun CZO - Vegetation - Litterfall (2014-2017)
    1 components    Calhoun CZO Research Area 1, Calhoun CZO Research Area 2, Calhoun CZO Research Area 3, Calhoun CZO Research Area 4, Calhoun CZO Research Area 5    Biology / Ecology    Cook, Charles W.; O'Neill, K. P.; Richter, Daniel deB.