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Pamela L. Sullivan


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Calhoun, Shale Hills

Assistant Professor of Geography, University of Kansas
KU - University of Kansas
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PhD, Geosciences, Florida International University, 2011

My research focuses on utilizing hydrogeology, ecohydrology, geochemistry, and biogeochemistry to better understand of interactions between the hydrosphere, lithosphere and biosphere. My work thus far has concentrated on using hydrologic, geochemical and biologic monitoring, analysis and modeling to determine the influence of vegetation on shallow groundwater hydrodynamics and the impact of wetland hydrologic restoration on groundwater-surface water interactions. Recently, I have expanded my research to examine the influence of climate and hillslope position on Critical Zone hydrodynamics, weathering and solute transport. In the future I plan to coalesce this research by investigating the hydrogeochemical linkages between terrestrial, wetland and coastal landscapes.

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