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Jason Kaye


Professor of Soil Biogeochemistry

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Shale Hills
Ecosystems and environmental change

Professor of Soil Biogeochemistry

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PhD, Ecology, Colorado State University, 2000

Research in my lab focuses on feedbacks between terrestrial ecosystems and environmental change. Many of these feedbacks are driven by changes in biogeochemical cycles, i.e. changes in the storage and movement of energy and nutrients in the Earth system. We are particularly interested in the nitrogen cycle, which is greatly influenced locally and globally by land use and land management practices. We use principles of ecology and biogeochemistry to understand the flow and fate of nitrogen at scales ranging from individual microbial processes, to whole ecosystems and landscapes, to regions. Ultimately this knowledge should 1) increase our basic understanding of ecosystem element cycles, 2) help minimize nitrogen losses from managed ecosystems, 3) help us understand how nitrogen losses from managed ecosystems affect and are attenuated by unmanaged ecosystems.

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