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Caitlin Hodges


Active + Alumnus


PhD Student (Shale Hills CZO), MS student alumna (Calhoun CZO)

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Calhoun, Shale Hills

PhD Graduate Student, Pennsylvania State University

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PhD, Soil Science, The Pennsylvania State University, In Progress
MS, Ecology, University of Georgia, 2017
BSES, Water and Soil Resources, University of Georgia, 2014

I’m fascinated by the effects of the temporal and spatial distribution of water across a landscape on microbial respiration and carbon/nutrient mineralization. Of interest to me is the use of alternate terminal electron acceptors in microsites of soils typically considered to be oxic. Through my previous work at the Calhoun CZO, I documented periodically high potential for Fe respiration in well-drained upland soils under high soil moisture conditions. Using this knowledge, I plan to track the effects of NO3-, Mn+4, Fe+3 respiration across the landscapes of the SSHCZO. Adviser: Jason Kaye. General CZO interests: Biogeochemistry, Soil Science/Pedology, Water Chemistry

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