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Lou A. Derry


Former Director of the CZO National Office

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National, Shale Hills
Biogeochemical processes

Professor of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Cornell University
Cornell - Cornell University
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Ph.D., Geological Sciences, Harvard, 1989
B.A., Geology, Colorado College, 1981

Derry is the former Director of the CZO National Office, which promotes communication among CZO PIs, organizes national meetings, offers graduate/young scientist workshops, and develops electronic delivery of educational resources for Critical Zone science. Derry is studying biogeochemical processes at multiple time scales, from modern environments to the evolution of couple biogeochemical cycles over Earth history. Recent work includes elemental speciation and cycling in soil-plant-water systems, and the role of atmospheric deposition. Derry is actively involved in developing models for the interpretation of carbon, nitrogen, sulfur and strontium isotopic variations in the ancient oceans and how those can be used to constrain critical environmental conditions during major evolutionary and/or extinction events.

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